We are storytellers.

And we’re the best at it. At the heart, though, our content and our stories are opportunities for people to engage with one another. And that’s our specialty.

Our Work

These are just some of the brands we use to tell stories, share content, and create engagement. 

Since 1991

Parents and Kids has been delivering Creative Solutions to Mississippi Families. The largest print magazine in Mississippi is also the best place to turn for family and parenting resources in a variety of digital and print channels.

Over 1 Million

Copies of this information-packed magazine has been distributed to public and private high schools. With state-specific information, helpful checklists, and schedules, this magazine provides a road map to college admission.

A New Kind

Of Relocation Guide. Most relocation guides help new homeowners connect utilities or register to vote. Greetings is designed especially for parents, who want the scoop on all the best family-friendly options in the area. Greetings is the passport that moves families from a new home to a real home.

Fitness + Fun

Everyone hears so much about how we need to be healthier. Fitness Fest showcases easy ideas to get kids of all ages moving.  And information from nutrition to dental hygiene is presented to families in a fun, highly interactive atmosphere.

Let’s Work Together.

How can we get you to engage with our audience? Our team excels in planning out multi-channel campaigns to leverage our brands and connect you to their audienxe.

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